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TheAvatar - 26th Jul 08, 00:59

As some people recently contacted me regarding the bot, I decided to fix some of the nasty bugs in the version 1.22.
Expect one or more releases in the near future, addressing various type handling (privmsg, quit, join etc) bugs.
A post will follow when updates are ready.

TheAvatar - 20th Jan 04, 22:38

A new release is ready called 1.22.
It consists mostly of alot of bugfixes but as well commands to add/remove channel users and a hello command to create a new user with the bot. More info can be found on the Downloads page

TheAvatar - 24th Dec 03, 17:04

First of all. Merry X-mas everybody ;)
As promised I made a beta release of v2 of the bot today. Due to illness (yep... I became the flu just around christmas! :|) I haven't had time to write documentation and fully test it before releasing it, sorry. I plan a new release soon that will have a bit of documentation attached. I am also working on an online documentation for each of the files, structures, variables, commands etc.
Untar, edit config.php, import bot.sql to your mysql database, then run: php core.php

TheAvatar - 14th Dec 03, 07:30

I started working on v2 of the bot.
If everything works out as planned, a beta will be out soon. Lots of things changed. That includes the core of the bot, the command files, several of the database tables have changed as well. The structure that will follow with the beta release is not the final for v2.
The beta will be located in the Downloads section when ready. For now I placed a file called New database structure, which shortly explains the structure of some of the tables.
The level system (both channel and global) should be working currently in v2 as well as unique user/channel ID's, which v1 lacked alot. Most of the commands have been "ported" to v2 as well.

TheAvatar - 13th Oct 03, 22:08

I started working on the website.
Currently not much but the downloads section and news section work


Newest *stable* release of v1 is QnetPHPBot 0.50 (v1)
Newest *stable* release of v2 is QnetPHPBot 1.22 (v2)
Newest developer version of v1 is QnetPHPBot 0.53 (v1)
Newest developer version of v2 is QnetPHPBot 1.23 (v2)

Site will be up soon
Currently news/downloads are the only things working yet